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Model Railroad Automation

Automation or automatic control can be defined as “the use of various control systems for operating equipment and processes with minimal or reduced human intervention

Some examples of Automation:

  • Realistic Train Control, including Deceleration, Acceleration and Station Stops
  • Automated operation
  • Train Collision avoidance
  • Smart Turnout Control
  • Reversing Loops
  • Intelligent Signal Light Control
  • Level Crossing
  • Car System
  • Integrated Light Systems
  • Integrated Sound System

Read this short Article on Automation to help you understand your needs

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Some Technical Features of Automation, include:

  • Support for objects such as Tracks, Turnouts, Blocks, Routes, Sensors, Signals, Accessories, Labels, Buttons
  • Multi-viewport Switchboard Displays
  • Event binding and scripting
  • Feedback communication and cab control
  • Speech recognition control
  • Simulation mode for disconnected sessions
  • DCC decoder programmer

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