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Adding to the layout

creative2One of the more exciting things about model railroading is that it allows for so much creativity.

There are so many things you can do and so many different ways to do them. And there is always room for a new idea, a new slant on things.

New technology allows for new ways of doing things that were never even thought of in the past.

Model railroading is a great way to explore and help create new ideas, because there is such variety and so many different facets of the hobby that you can never get tired of it.

There’s always something new to add to your layout to make it better.

creative1(a “micro Scene” from one of the worlds greatest layouts..)

Once you get your trains going reasonably well without derailments, and after you’ve applied all the scenery you can think of applying for the moment, and after you’ve had fun inviting friends over to see your creation and after hosting a few operating sessions, you may be asking yourself…Ok, what’s next?…

 Things you can add:

You could probably add a number of additional items to this list.

The idea is not to be overwhelmed by the tasks ahead, because these are all optional – icing on the cake so to speak. These items are listed simply to help exemplify the breadth and depth of the hobby and to stimulate ideas for you to think about.

Very few people who invest time and energy into a life-long hobby, will get to the point that their model railroading adventure is “Finished” – Yes the layout may be 99% finished, but there will most probably always be room for minor improvements, alterations or even repairs.

You may hold off on it for a while due to time and space constraints or other temporary priorities, but we you will most likely always want to come back to it. There is always more to do, another avenue to explore, another track rail to nail down, something new to learn.

The art and science of Model Railroading is magnetic and constantly draws us back to it. It’s an exciting learning process and a great way to explore and develop our own personal creativity.

And besides that, it’s fun!


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