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G / Gauge 1

While it may be possible to use the same controller(s) , you probably will find that the typical “starter sets” and even some hig-end systems designed for OO/HO and N scale simply cannot handle the extra power requirements of G Scale and Gauge 1 models.

Here are some recommended solutions:

ESU Ecos 50210

he ECoS 50210 is already the second generation of our successful ECoS command station. With the latest ECoS command station, ESU continues to offer state-of-the-art digital technology combined with contemporary functional range and easy handling all this for a fair price-performance ratio.

The ECoS has – like most of the recent central stations – a large coloured display with high resolution. In combination with its ground-breaking and easily operated user interface and excellent contrast values of the coloured screen, ECoS reaches unprecedented ergonomics: unlike all the other central stations, the ECoS can be also operated without a stylus – all symbols and writings are hugely marked and clearly structured.


Marklin CM2 / CM3

The Central Station 3 plus features a high resolution, modern color touch screen, 2 locomotive controllers as well as a built-in central track diagram.

The Central Station 3 plus has 2 built-in locomotive card readers (for saving locomotive data on a locomotive card or for fast call-up of the locomotive by plugging in the locomotive card), an SD card slot for expanded storage as well as a built-in speaker for playing back typical model railroad sounds.

A powerful booster is built in to power the layout with current for trains and for accessories with a load capacity at the feeder track: max. 5 amps, load capacity at the programming track: max. 1.2 amps.

The Central Station 3 plus has a built-in s88 connection, 2 built-in USB hosts (such as for a mouse, keyboard, USB stick), a USB loading socket, a network connection for communication with a PC, connections for 2 Mobile Stations, a connection for external speakers as well as others for the Märklin Bus system.

LGB Massoth

Massoth has been LGB®’s official electronics partner for the last 40 years. In 1974, Hartmut Massoth, the company’s founder, collaborated with LGB® to produce the first sound system for a G-scale locomotive, the LGB® 2080S Harz Querbahn. Cooperation between Massoth and LGB® continues to this day.

Massoth offers a comprehensive and highly acclaimed line of products for G-scale model railways, including NMRA compatible DCC central stations, outstanding CAB digital controllers, digital boosters, driving decoders, sound decoders, pulsed smoke generators, switch decoders, feedback modules, train detection modules, PC modules, lighting boards, etc.

  • Positive:
    There are few solutions that can beat Massoth for outdoor use.
  • Room for improvement:
    One of the major drawback of the Massoth DCC system is lack of support for MFX.


Roco/Fleischmann z21/Z21

The z21/Z21 is the latest generation of multi-protocol command station from Gaugemaster and offers a new and exciting way to control DCC locomotives (also supports Motorola decoders and other digital components).

The z21 connects the system and the digital locomotives via Wi-Fi using modern smartphone technology (Apple Ipad, Iphone, Android Tablet or Android Phone).

Simply put, the z21 allows you to control your Model Railway using your mobile phone or tablet.

Another exciting feature and big selling point is the “Driver CAB” view that puts you in the driver seat!


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