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Developed by German company Roco, the Lokmaus  is a functional but simple digital systems that was designed to get modelers up and running with DCC with minimal fuss.



Control Bus Technology:  XpressNet (Lenz)

In size and shape is like a mouse, it has a rotatory control and two digits screen, with it you can control up to 99 locomotives in 14, 28 and 128 steps, control the light and functions F1 to F4 and program CV1 to CV99 with values between 0 and 99 also you can connect up to 31 controls with the bus XpressNet bus from Lenz.

While the LokMaus is still available, it has essentially been replaced with the MulitMaus system.



The system is made up of an amplifier (10761) and a Lokmaus2 control (10760), depending the connector of the amplifier in which you plug the Lokmaus acts like command station or as additional control. Also a keyboard (10772) can be connected, it allows to control up to 256 turnouts or semaphores and to program up to 32 routes. In the XpressNet bus you can plug the LI100 interface from Lenz to connect it to the PC. The additional keyboard and controls plugs in the Slave connector and the control that actually acts like command station plugs in the Master connector.

As already mentioned, Roco uses the DCC protocol specification as designed by Lenz (XpressNet), making the Lokmaus compatible with 90% of DCC systems.


The following Electronic Project for use with LokMaus is available:

NanoX Command Station with XpressNet
XbusTCO Accesory Encoder
SimpleMaus Simple Locomotive throttle
MiniMaus Locomotive throttle with LCD
XWL Wireless throttle
GenLI Interface PC – XpressNet
GenLI-S88 Interface PC – XpressNet with S88 bus
GenLI-RS Interface PC – XpressNet with RS bus
Lokmaus2CDE Lokmaus adaptater for CDE boosters
NetBox Conector box



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