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GE GEVO-12 V2 (FT)

ge-gevo-12-v2 ge-gevo-12

GE Evolution 12cyl “GEVO” Locomotives have a 4 stoke diesel engine and have been designed to be more efficient and more emission friendly than previous models. Evolution Series locomotives are equipped with either AC or DC traction motors, depending on the customer’s preference, though admittedly there is little sound difference if any between the two.

All early GEVOs were delivered with the Nathan Airchime K5HL air horn. Later GEVOs started to recieve a slightly different K5HLL horn. Most if not all have been delivered with a Graham-White 373 E-Bell. This E-Bell is tied to the horn circuit in the locomotive and will play automatically when the horn is played.

The ESU version also has this new feature. The bell can be activated by either pressing F1 or by pressing the horn using F2. The “Auto-Bell” can be turned off by removing the the Auto-Bell sound slot from F2. (CV31 = 16, CV32 = 2, CV319 = 0)

Another feature of the prototype is “Smart Start”. For the sake of both emissions and fuel savings all GEVOs have been built with an auto shutdown/auto start feature. After the loco has been idle for a period time, the engine will shut down on its own. If the prime mover cools to a certain temperature the loco will automatically start again to keep from freezing.


Notes on LokSound:

  • Make sure that index CV31 is set to 16 and index CV32 is set to 1 before changing a volume CV.
Key Functions Sound slots Volume CVs Volume values
F0 Directional Headlights
F1 Bell 4 283 50
F2 Playable Airhorn 3, 9 275, 323 100, 50
F3 Coupler 5 291 128
F4 Dynamic Brake 6 299 90
F5 AUX3 (Rotary Beacon)
F6 AUX1 + AUX2 (Front Ditchlights)
F7 Switching Mode
F8 Sound (On/Off) 1 259 128
F9 Drive Hold 2 267 128
F10 Independent Brake 11 339 20
F11 Radiator (Fan) Sound 8 315 50
F12 Dimmer (Headlights)
F13 AUX4 (Rear Ditchlights)
F15 Fast Spitter Valve 15 371 50
F16 Spitters on Shutdown
F17 Brake Set / Brake Release
F18 Sanding Valve 13 355 128
F19 Short Air Let Off 14 363 128
F20 Compressor 7 307 50
F21 Slow Spitter Valve 17 387 50
F22 Air Dryer 22 427 128
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