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Hi there,

Nice to meet you, and Great to have you here !

We live in an age where information is fast becoming the new currency and where information-overload is the silent killer.. so thankyou for taking the time in not only visiting this site for your own personal gain, but for allowing me the opportunity to share some of my insights..

My name is  Stéfan Stoltz , and I am but a passing soul enjoying this version of reality.

When it comes to modern technology and electronics a lot of modelers are uncomfortable and even uncertain as to what they can accomplish and many shy-away from using even basic scenery techniques and technology to their advantage.

“Purists” , “Minimalists”, “Dreamers”, “Doers”, “Commercialists”-we all have our own ideas, expectations, abilities, and varying access to resources.. and that’s a really good thing!

If you are new to the hobby, just ask around, you will be surprised how many “old hands” are around, with a wealth of experience and modelling expertise readily available for the sharing!

Keep in mind that we are all entitled to our own opinions and we are all entitled to enjoy this hobby without having to explain ourselves – this is after all one of The Greatest Hobbies in the World !

While I focus on Electronics and DCC, I have added some content covering general layout and scenery.. keeping in mind that most readers, including myself, have access to books, magazines, DVD’s (or probably YouTube..) that covers these and other topics in great detail.

I have always loved to fiddle with new technologies and when it comes to model railroading there is no exception. Yes, it obviously helps to be an electronics engineer, but mind you, the stuff I learned is probably considered “old school” by now- and while the basics remain the same, keeping up with changes, new technologies, new software, new methods, etc, will always remain a challenge!

So, keeping in mind that most modelers do not necessarily have an electronics background, I hope that you will find the content to be understandable, digestible, usable and hopefully somewhat entertaining at times..

I receive quite a number of requests from modelers asking for assistance and/or guidance on particular projects, and need you to please consider that I am also concurrently working on my “other” projects (these include, to mention but a few..Rocketry, Marine Aquariums, UAV’s, Robotics, Aircraft Building). So, please forgive if you notice a delay in my response.. Be assured however that I have, and will continue to add new articles/projects to this site.

let’s continue..

With so many books and magazines dedicated to the hobby..why this page?
Well, firstly, this site represents a personal collection of model railroad articles and bits and pieces of information that I have found to be informative and relevant at some stage of my own journey.

Secondly, I found that a lot of useful webpages/resources that I took for granted would suddenly and without warning be changed or removed, never to be seen again, so I started to keep journal of bits and pieces of useful stuff (think of it as cutting articles from magazines for your model railway scrapbook..)

I spent quite a lot of time translating manuals, documents and articles from other languages (especially German) into English, and needed an easy way to keep track of changes-the web technologies enables me to work on these pages at my convenience, whether its on a beach, in the car or at the office..

A Note on translation..

While Translation tools have come a long way, with sites like Google translate and other translation software doing a great job at basic translation, I have found the translation of technical documents often to be flawed. Why? because subtle changes can easily render a documents technically incorrect.

Another good reason for the existence of this site was to give myself a playground where I could have the freedom to express myself while improving my language and writing skills.

Q: But isn’t this duplication, I hear you ask?

Well, to some it may seem as such, but when you consider that due to the nature of the beast, Information sharing via the Internet does go wrong, and all too often valuable content is lost!


Interestingly, I  have (increasingly) noticed copies of “my” translated work circulating the internet (in forums, on other websites and even on youtube channels) which is probably a good thing as this will help long-term retention, especially as I too will eventually pass into oblivion – so yeah, go ahead..

Q: But, doesn’t search engines like Google catalog and store all this?

Well not quite. Most search engines (including google) don’t actually provide 1:1 copy or backup as much as providing a “snapshot”, taken at a specific date and time.

..and when a site goes down, content is “removed” or “disappears” for whatever reason, the search engines may not even be aware of this, and you certainly will end with a “page not found”!
Remember, “the beauty of the beast” lies therein that anyone and everyone is able to upload and share or even (legally) remove content that they have published. The one downside to this is that really useful and good content is often lost or simply remains unknown, hidden or obscured somewhere in the www.
So yes, perhaps you may find (some version of) content here that you have seen in another corner of the www, but I am also confident that you will find that the bulk of the content has been “reworked” to make it current.
Please keep in mind that this site is my own personal playground, and the content available is mainly for personal use
Be mindful that just because others like me make information freely available, it does not necessarily mean that it did not cost us anything- “Time” is often a huge investment being a scarce/valuable commodity – especially for those of us who have come some way on life’s-journey.. So when your time comes, do the right thing and give back freely to others!
I have been very careful to not include any content that has specific Copy Right Notices, and I certainly do not want to take any credit for other people’s work.
If you don’t like anything, please consider that You have all the right in the world to press that X in the top right hand corner of your browser!
Oh yes, you probably noticed that there are no adverts or commercials, as I derive zero financial benefit from this site or its content.
If you do decide to stay, I trust and hope that you will enjoy your visit, and derive whatever benefit you may, keeping in mind that, unless specifically stated: At no time do I claim to be the author of anything, neither do I grant you any copyright or commercial rights or any other rights to the content herein found.
You are welcome to have a look around.
Content may or may not be available here or elsewhere tomorrow”
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