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Scenery – Smoke

Smoke Effect using E-Cigarettes Article credit:  D Bodnar I have used any number of different methods of animation when building model railroads including movement, sound and light.  I have not, however, used smoke… that is until now.The fairly recent advent of smokeless

5 Common Railroad features

5 Model Railroad Features that are commonly requested It’s important, particularly for those building their first layout,  that construction proceed methodically to the point where trains can be run without constantly getting bogged down by assembly challenges at every turn.  It is

Tree Scales

A few visitors have asked me to list some common tree scale sizes.. While scale tree heights are reasonably simple to calculate, this approach is almost always problematic because the trees just don’t look right! especially when modelling the smaller scale, such


MODELING IN SCALE Dimensions, Conversion Charts, Sizes Scale Modeling Dimensions Irrespective of the type of modeling you do, most people will at some stage stop to think about the dimensions of a particular item/model.. It doesn’t matter if you use of-the-shelf items for

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