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G / Gauge 1

While it may be possible to use the same controller(s) , you probably will find that the typical “starter sets” and even some hig-end systems designed for OO/HO and N scale simply cannot handle the extra power requirements of G Scale and

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Founded by Jean Fleischmann, in Nuremberg (1887), Fleischmann is a German manufacturer of model railway products, with their first model train, in O scale, produced in 1938. Their first H0 scale products were introduced in 1952 and their N scale “Piccolo” product


Roco is a German Manufacturer of Model Railway products. Founded in 1960, the company originally specialized in the manufacture of plastic products (sand buckets, miniature military vehicles) and in 1976, the company released its first model railway locomotive products. The company is located


LokMaus Developed by German company Roco, the Lokmaus  is a functional but simple digital systems that was designed to get modelers up and running with DCC with minimal fuss.   Control Bus Technology:  XpressNet (Lenz) In size and shape is like a mouse,


Z21 Plug & Play System Fleischmann/Roco developed an innovative DCC control system, the Z21, with the goal of providing a Fun and completely new way of playing, operating and managing models and layouts. The Z21 is a complete plug and play system

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