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Pendulum Animation

Pendulum Animation d. bodnar rev 09-06-11 I am always on the lookout for ideas for animations that can be used on a model railroad.  Over the years I have used electric motors, servos, solenoids, and dozens of arrangements of gears, cogs and

Goldmine animation

Animate Your Layout With Sound and Light revised 04-02-08 Animation on your garden railroad can take many forms.  Most of us equate animation with movement but bringing things to life is not limited to movement alone.  One of the most interesting and

Elephant animation

Elephant Animation revised 08-19-10 Objective:  Design and construct an animation where a Playmobil elephant’s head and trunk raise as the elephant trumpets loudly.This animation will become part of a new layout at Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital.  For more information on the layout that

Prairie Dog Animation

Prairie Dog Animation revised 08-12-10 Objective:  Design and construct an animation with five independently controlled prairie dogs.  Each prairie dog will be moved in and out of his/her hole with a servo.  Each servo will be controlled by a 12F683 PIC and

Reverse loop using relays

Controlling Reverse Loops & Wyes Dual Coil Relays to the Rescue! revised 06-16-08 Warning:  This article does NOT contain information about hi-tech electronics! It does not rely on microcontrollers, transistors or even lowly resistors.  Just relays, reed switches and a few diodes,

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