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Locomotive Whistle Signals

Locomotive Whistle Signals Sources: B&O, C&O Operating Rules, 1969 The Pennsylvania Railroad Book of Rules, 1956 “o” = short sound “-” = long sound “_” = sustained sound o Apply brakes. Stop. — Release brakes. Proceed. -ooo Flagman protect rear of train.

Railroad Hand Signals

Railroad Hand Signals The below rules of use of hand/lantern signals are culled from the Pennsylvania, New York Central, Baltimore and Ohio, Chesapeake and Ohio and Norfolk and Western. rules, which are all about the same. These signals were and still are

Signal Guide – Pensylvania

The Signal Guide – Pensylvania (1956) Name – Clear-block Indication – Proceed; manual block clear Name – Clear Indication – Proceed Name – Approach-medium Indication – Proceed approaching next signal at medium speed Note – Trains may proceed approaching next signal at

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