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If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in building a model railroad or looking for something specific on the topic- Perhaps you’re still on the fence?


Over the years, I have found that when people see or visit a good layout, the modeler is always asked three basic questions:
how much did it cost (a small fortune..)?   -but remember:  You can get started on a small budget!
how long did it take to build (forever..)?   -but mind you:   Be realistic and never stop running trains!
and when will it be finished (never..)?       -but keep in mind, as your skills grow, so too will the changes!

I’m also hoping that somehow these pages will help to answer that Golden Question.. How can You get started? and for those of you who are well on your way, that in-between these pages you will find motivation ! (or at least some good bit and pieces/articles to keep you busy..)

It has also become quite clear that no-matter the Scale or type of layout you choose, eventually we all end up asking similar questions and run into similar issues- especially about DCC, Signalling, Automation, and Computerization..

While DCC promises and offers many advantages, with it comes numerous challenges -which, also sadly often leads to countless hours of trying to figuring out stuff on our own, and for some, the realization that there are indeed “dead technologies” , followed by the utmost frustration of having to re-wire layouts simply because it was not done with the possibility of things like Automation in mind!

In between these pages, I try to unravel some of the mysteries of DCC, Model Railway Automation and offer some insight I have found or come across.

Many moons ago I had the privilege of Growing up with things like the Atari and Amiga, which implanted in me a vision of endless technological probability.. then as an Electronic Engineer , I quickly learned the mindset of  “everything is a system”, and “every challenge, can be broken down into smaller solutions”, it should thus come as no surprise that I have a fondness of “hacking” or reverse engineering things..mostly just to appreciate how the designer(s) made it tick..

For me, it’s always been about the “ah-ha” moments!

You can expect this site to cover various Model Railway topics, but with a focus on DCC and Automation, and also provides useful electronic projects that myself and others freely share.


While some content is blatantly borrowed from others,
the majority is freshly ground for your tasting delight!

The content presented across these pages is dedicated to one thing –
The Promotion of Model Railways

Latest Update: 3 April 2022
I moved the site to AWS Cloud Services and trust this will bring a positive experience about.

(for all those interested- Here’s why this site exists)

Tomorrow, Content may or may not be available here or elsewhere


greetings from Sunny South Africa!

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