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Fiddle Yard Controller

Fiddle Yard Controller


  • Full Rocrail compatible
  • Setup/operate panel
  • Controlled with standard, opto-isolated in and outputs
  • 4 inputs for setting one of the 16 track numbers
  • 1 input for enabling the new setting
  • 1 output and 1 LED to signal the reached ‘track position’
  • Positions are stored in the PIC’s eeprom
  • Dual 7 segment led display to show the position
  • Very easy and accurate positioning


  • Switch to the setup mode
  • 2 push buttons control the FY to the left and to the right to reach the wanted position
  • A third push button saves the position in the PIC’s memory
  • the 4th ‘Next’ push button to select the next track number


When powered on, the software moves the fiddleyard to the start position and acivates the begin microswitch.


GC145 fiddle yard controller

One other option is the GCA145 Turntable / Fiddleyard controller
It provides a nice kit with professional made pc-baord.
GCA145 is 100% comptible with Rocrail.
A full manual is also included in this GCA145 page.

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