Because all Boys (and some girls) love Trains

TMW DCC System



A complete NMRA compatible DCC system.

The system includes command station, handheld throttles and boosters with schematics, etch patterns and all information needed to build your own system.


The System Comprises of the following:

  • DCC Command Station     :    8 throttle, NMRA compatible DCC system, with easy decoder programming capability)
  • Throttle                                 :    Run your trains with an inexpensive TV-remote. A NMRA compatible DCC system.
  • Decoders                               :    Any NMRA compatible decoder
  • Accessory Decoder             :    Accessory Decoders
  • Actuator                                :    Connect to a decoder. Use it to open doors or couplers or
  • TB-Coupler                          :     European coupling
  • Software                               :     Software



Credits:     Lars Lundgren