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NetBox – Multiple Xbus/XpressNet

Netbox allows multiple cabs to be conected to the Xbus/XpressNet using RJ12 or DIN5 plugs. Useful when you have multiple throttles to connect to the command station. It has two RJ12 plugs for Lokmaus type throttles and a DIN5 plug for Lenz throttles with 4 wires, two more RJ12 plugs with 6 wires permits to expand the bus between NetBoxes and have two additional signals (usually C and D for additional boosters).

The schematics is very simple, only plugs and two LED. A green LED indicates power on the bus, and the red LED indicates a problem: the wire is inverted.

It was successfully used in the Plataforma-N modular meeting in Salon del Hobby 2006 (Barcelona)

Press here to see schematics and PCB in pdf format, if you want to build your own PCB or identify componets see this tutorials.

Another more simple and economical way to connect multiple throttles is to use comercial telephone Plugs with several plugs (check wire order):

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