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MiniMaus v.2B

MiniMaus v.2B

To take advantage of added features of NanoX compared to Lokmaus, I’ve designed a new throttle with keyboard and LCD to connect to Lokmaus or NanoX. with this throttle you can drive locomotives addresses with two or four digits, move turnouts and program and reading CV in a comfortable way. This is the photo of the prototype:

It permits to control locomotives from 1 to 9999, their speed, the light and the functions F1 to F12. Control of turnouts and signals from 1 to 999. Programming and reading CV1 to CV256 in Direct, Register and Paged modes and programming CV1 to CV999 in PoM mode.

We can change the XpressNet address, by default Lokmaus only works with addresses 1 to 5 and 29 but we can configure it to work up to 31, that is the maximun permited by XpressNet.

The schematics is very simple, in this version (2A) potentiometer isn’t used:




In order to program the PIC you can download the HEX file in one of the avaliable languages. Source code for the PIC is also available

Download PCB, schematics and manual here in pdf format from Adobe, if you want to build your own PCB or identify componets see this tutorials.

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