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If we have only a single Lokmaus to control the locomotives and we also wished to control the digital accessories in a better way than the basic of the Lokmaus, (selecting a number of locomotive and using keys F1 to F4 with Roco turnout decoders) we can plug keyboard 10772 or the TurnoutMaus also we can make an independent accesory encoder (for the rest of decoders) as the one described in MERG or the one in Le monde du DCC with which we will be able to control the accessories from a control panel (TCO).

I have adapted the MERG encoder so instead of booster output it has Xbus/XpressNet communication to control everything from the same one to booster of the Lokmaus (Roco decoders and others). If we have more than one TCO we can do a assembly for each one controlling everything from a single booster

It allows to control 105 turnouts or signals from a TCO made with switches, by this way the position of the switch indicates the position of the turnout, if we use double switches we can use the other contacts to show with LEDs the position in the TCO. We can select the address in the bus XpressNet by means of a DIP-SWITCH, by defect the single Lokmaus recognizes the addresses 1 of 5 and the 29 although we can configure it so that it recognizes until the 31 that are max number of controls that the bus XpressNet allows.

In order to program the PIC you use this HEX file. Source code for the PIC is here. New version 1B.

Press here to download schematics and PCB in pdf format, if you want to build your own PCB or identify componets see this tutorials.

For a complete information about how XusTCO works read the manual in pdf format from Adobe.

Here you can see a connection example of Lokmaus and accesory decoders.

A new version using puhbuttons can be downloaded here

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