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Model Rail (Electronic) Modules

Here you will find some information on Commercial Modules that I have personally used and/or tested at some point in time. These modules and/or projects aim to solve specific problems and/or add to the overall model train experience.

For your convenience I have structured the Modules into a few practical Categories:-

Point ControlDecoderDCCLDTS-DEC-4 4-fold turnout decoder for Märklin-Motorola and DCC Digital with a self-learning decoder address. With an external power supply possibility.
LDT1-DEC-DC4-fold turnout decoder for LGB-Drive EPL 12010 as well as KATO-, TOMIX- and ROKUHAN-Drives for DCC Digital with a self-learning decoder address.
LDTM-DEC4-fold decoder for motor driven turnouts with self-learning decoder address and external power supply possibility.
SzabiDTCModule for control of 4 turnouts. (4A per trunout).
SzabiPOINTDECControl 4 motorized points (Stall point, Kato, etc)
1 A continuous current per output.
Szabi1ServoAccessory decoder for Micro Servo, which can move turnout, grade crossing barrier, or mechanical signal arm.
DCC and manual pushbutton to move servo manually.
SzabiPANTOGModule has two outputs for micro servo and 2 universal outputs (each 100 mA). 
Control locomotive front/rear light, cabin lights, smoke generator, wagon lights or switch anything inside locomotive or wagon, moving doors, flag, or shutter inside houses. 
Szabi4ServoDecodeControl 4 servos (turnouts, points, arm signals, doors, crane arm or grade crossing barriers)
Easy address learning with a pushbutton on board. Adjustable speed and range of each servo independently. Adjustable output voltage between 1,5-5V with a potentiometer.
SzabiPointADAModule controls up to 4 Motorized points. 
Connect to DCC Turnout decoder or any kind of Turnout decoder with common anode (positive).
5A output per channel

Turntable ControlDecoderDCCLDTTT-DECTurntable-Decoder TT-DEC is suitable for the digital control of Fleischmann-Turntables 6052, 6152, 6154, 6651, 9152, 6680 (with and without ”C”), 6652 (with 3-rail conductor), the Roco Turntable 35900 and the Märklin-Turntable 7286.

Light ControlDecoderDCCLDTvarious4-fold Light-Signal Decoder with a self-learning decoder address and external power supply possibility for Märklin-Motorola-Format and DCC-Systems
DecoderDCCLDTAdap-LSAdapter for Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC for light signals with incandescent lamps, light signals with incandescent lamps and light emitting diodes
Central ControllerDCCRailware/LDTLight@NightPC-light control for analog and digital model railway layouts. Manufacturer: Railware
DecoderDCCSzabiLED decoderUniversal decoder with 10 outputs for LEDs or bulbs. Options: 
8 outputs with neon effect + 2 outputs with „broken light” effect 
5x two-way lights (signal light, semaphore or as feedback of the position of five turnouts
1 Street traffic light (including pedestrians lights)
Reverse LoopDecoderDCCLDTKSM-SGShort circuit protected polarity reversal of the reverse loop will be performed by sensor tracks. Suitable for digital operation (all formats).
The reverse module watches the current while the locomotive entering the isolated loop section from either direction and reverses the rail polarity avoiding short.
3A trip current makes it suitable for HO/G scale.
RS FeedbackFeedbackDCCLDTRS-88-fold feedback module with integrated occupancy detectors for a current load up to 3 Ampere (max 7A)
FeedbackDCCLDTRS-16-O16-fold feedback module with opto-isolated inputs for high safety against interference and for potential separation
FeedbackDCCLDTRM-GB-8-N8-fold Feedback Module with integrated track occupancy report for s88-standard connections and bus connections in accordance to s88-N
FeedbackDCCLDTRM-88-N-O16-fold Feedback Module with opto-coupling inputs for potential separation and for high interference protection. For s88-standard connections and bus connections in accordance to s88-N
FeedbackDCCSzabiFeedS888 inputs for 8 isolated sections. The module controls current in rails (you don’t need any kind of sensors or magnetic reed contacts) and shows the sections if they are free or occupied. Can connect to PC or S88N bus.
Roco FeedbackFeedbackDCCLDTGBM-88-fold track occupancy detector e.g. for extension of the Roco-feedback module 1078
Function DecoderDecoderDCCSzabiFdecoderModule is suitable for coach lights, to expand the functions of a locomotive decoder or to switch anything else on a layout. (4 independent outputs)
PC InterfaceInterfaceXpressNet/s88NSzabiInterFCModule connects via USB to PC. XpressNet connects to Command station. s88N terminal connects to Feedback modules.
Panel ControlInterfaceXpressNetSzabiContrpanelAdd Control buttons to command all dcc accessories on your layout via XpressNet bus such as:
-signal lights,turnouts, switch street lamps,lights inside houses, moving barriers, arms, doors
2 versions are available: switch or push button
Shuttle ControllerControllerDCSzabiShuttleShuttle a train between 2 stations.
Adjustable: speed, acceleration, deceleration, station delay. 2A up to 30V

While I have tested every single module listed here (and actively use may of them on my layouts), it does not imply that I endorse any product, and I will certainly not entertain any complaints/losses that may arise form any reliance on information provided here. You should always research a product before purchasing- if you are uncertain or afraid to be bold, then the best advise is to stick to what you know and visit your local hobby store for assistance.

Again, I do not receive any payment or “kick-back” from any manufacturer/supplier/dealer, and will not accept any liability for any losses you may incur.. that said, it has been my experience that these modules work great for the purpose they where made for, are reasonably reliable, and are mostly priced to be affordable- but your mileage may vary.

Always remember that things can and do go awry, thus you need to manage your own expectations and be prepared to deal with varying levels of customer support (in my experience most companies are willing to assist if you ask politely, but alas there are companies that have a reputation of poor communication and even worse after-sales service)

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