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Xpressnet interface and S88 bus

Xpressnet interface and S88 bus

It’s a new version of GenLI build in a GenHSI board, so with a single serial port plug you have a Xpressnet interface and S88 bus with up to 128 feedback inputs

GenLI-S88 serial port is configured at 9600b and works with PC programs that support the LI100 interface from Lenz. The feedback inputs are defined as in Lenz protocol and you can configure the starting address.

It’s useful to add RS feedback bus and PC interface to command stations without feedback bus as Lokmaus or NanoX or extend feedback inputs to a command station like NanoX-S88

In order to program the PIC you can download the HEX file.

For a complete information about how GenLI-RS works and the PCB design read the manual


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