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FALLER : Control Modules

This article describes some of the functions of the Faller CAR-SYSTEM

Faller vehicles offer the following functionality:

  • High-performance bell-type armature motor with a service life of over 2.000 hours of continuous operation
  • ON/OFF slide switch for starting and stopping the vehicle
  • Permanent magnet on the three-point mounted front axle – even reacts in the most narrow curves
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Drive units with rear axle (axle shaft, worm gear wheel and driving worm)
  • The vehicles can be stopped/started via reed contacts under road surface

Three basic vehicle control modules are offered:

Junction, electric, Art. 161677
When activated, the magnetic field of the junction diverts a vehicle onto a second, branching contact wire. This is done through the magnets on the vehicle’s steering slider.

Stopping point, Art. 161675
When activated, the stopping point creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field causes the reed sensor in the vehicle to open and the current supply to the motor to be interrupted. The vehicle stops.

Parking area, electric, Art. 161674
The parking area has a permanent magnet which stops vehicles without electricity, even for a long period of time. When the parking area is activated, an integrated electric coil briefly interferes with this magnetic field. This closes the reed sensor in the vehicle and supplies power to the motor. The vehicle starts moving.

Sensors, Art. 161773
Sensors embedded in the road are activated by magnets on the vehicles when driven over and thus give precise feedback on the Traffic Control. This signal activates the control of a functional element.


Advanced Traffic Control











For advanced traffic control, Faller offers a Traffic Control Module that can simulate almost every traffic situation.

Whether you want to plan a bus stop, diagonal parking lot, work zone, right-hand or left-hand traffic.
The vehicle will stop by itself.
The module has 8 inputs and 8 outputs, and has a total of 15 control programs (selected via micro switches), while Rotary control knobs allow adjustment of different time periods.
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