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DCC Turntable with LCD

Firstly I would like to thank Ray for his hard work in starting off this excellent post! also for Eric and friends for the various coding updates..  I have made a few changes to the code and managed to get a working turntable on my layout, including an OLED display to show the position and head/tail indication.  I only have 4 positions on my turntable and I didn’t use the servo brake or manual pot but left these functions in.

The display I used was a 1.3″ I2C IIC Serial 128X64 OLED LCD LED Display Module Digital for Arduino W which can be obtained easily on eBay… the driver for this is U8glib.h and the other components as mentioned by others I ordered from Proto-pic.

The revised coding is as follows, pictures to follow…

Files: DCC Turntable 5


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