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Turnout Position Indicator

Turnout Position Indicator

This is a project for mainly analog layouts, and where you want position feedback from the remote controlled turnouts. One feature of this circuit is that you don?t need to add wiring, which is labour intensive on a layout. Your original 3 wires to the turnout switch machine and 2 wires from the Transformer should already be there.

The Delta system from Märklin allows you to control several engines on the same track (=block) through some very simple equipment. However unlike its bigger “brother” Märklin Digital, there is no provision for remote control of turnouts and other accessories. Still it makes sense to have those operations remotely controlled if used on larger layouts as those following layouts in the book.

This is where this concept comes in; just standard wiring for turnouts, but a better overview on feedback position via indicator on your control panel.

Be sure to use turnout switch motors or electro-magnets with position selector as shown in the pictures (state of the art today). Mainly you just add 2 resistors and 2 LED’s for this project apart from the push buttons to activate each switch machine. Please note that the here (on the picture) indicated “green” position on the switch motor deliberately is crossed to that of the green LED. A quick follow-up on the current through the coils verifies that.

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