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Animation – Servo with sound

Servo Animation with Multiple Sounds Article credit: D Bodnar A demonstration video is here: Introduction I made my first servo controller many years ago (see:  ) and have used servos in many animations.  Frequently it made sense to add sound

Scenery – Smoke

Smoke Effect using E-Cigarettes Article credit:  D Bodnar I have used any number of different methods of animation when building model railroads including movement, sound and light.  I have not, however, used smoke… that is until now.The fairly recent advent of smokeless


LokMaus Developed by German company Roco, the Lokmaus  is a functional but simple digital systems that was designed to get modelers up and running with DCC with minimal fuss.   Control Bus Technology:  XpressNet (Lenz) In size and shape is like a mouse,

Arduino – RFID Project 1

The following project was intended to test the capability and suitability of RFID for train control. Possible things we can do with this: Track a train/rolling stock – without using Block detection Inventory Control Perform some action, based on location of a

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